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Attack early with antivirals. When used for treatment, antiviral drugs such as Tamiflu can lesson symptoms and shorten the time someone is sick by 1 or 2 days. Get to your doctor early, especially if you have a chronic medical condition, as the antivirals work best when given in the first 48 hours of symptoms, according to McHugh.

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Even if you have missed the hour window, antiviral drugs may still be helpful, especially if the sick person is at high risk of serious flu complications, according to the CDC. A word of caution about herbal treatments. Consult with your physician first if you choose to use herbs or another complementary therapy to get you through; herbs can interact with other medications, including low-dose aspirin and Tylenol.

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Hilary Benson is a Seattle-area mother of three children whose writing focuses on youth health and development topics. She works for Overlake Medical Center in Bellevue. Sections x. Are You at Risk for Pubic Pain? By Hilary Benson.

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Published on: January 25, Read Next. Want to Heal Your Child? Start by Healing Yourself. Share this article with your friends!

Father Christmas Has the Flu (ISBN: 145207478X)

About Author. By Hilary Benson Hilary Benson is a Seattle-area mother of three children whose writing focuses on youth health and development topics. Other articles by this author. Leave a Comment.

Both adults and children may be entertained by this charming play. Dulce Rodrigues was born in Lisbon, Portugal.

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After a professional career that took her to other cities and countries, Dulce Rodrigues now spends her life either travelling or among books; writing for children is for her a rewarding challenge and an engaging act of creation. Following the publication some years ago in Belgium of her first book for children, now also available in English, Dulce Rodrigues created the pedagogical project www.

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Dulce Rodrigues has university courses in the field of science as well as languages and literatures, and she was awarded scholarships by the Goethe-Institute and by NATO. A few of her children's tales and stories were awarded literary prizes in France at European level contests. She speaks six living languages and writes regularly in at least three.

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Father Christmas has the Flu by Dulce Rodrigues. Formats Softcover.

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