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However, as indicated in Scripture: Satan will come to his end. He will be destroyed. Red indicates what Satan will do to God's people. Blue indicates what God's people, the righteous will do to serve God. We can see the same process but with more detail in Daniel Satan will see that he can not turn the righteous toward serving him.

So, in desperation, he will try to sit on the throne anyway despite the fact that he has no right to do so. It is at that time that God will stop him in his tracts because he will have gone too far. Look at the following texts:. In the verses above, we actually see that Satan will defile the sanctuary fortress, take away the daily, and place there the abomination of desolation. He will put his palace on the glorious holy mountain of God for the purpose of declaring himself as king. When Satan places the abomination of desolation planting his palace between the seas and the glorious holy mountain he is saying: I rule the earth!

In this action that Satan does, he over steps his bounds. He has gone too far. He does not rule the earth because he has not been able to get all to worship him. Nor was he able to make Jesus sin when He was on this earth. It is then that Michael Jesus stands up and Satan will come to his end! A time of trouble will occur at this time that will be unequaled in history and God's people who are alive, the ,, will be delivered. Everyone who is found written in the book of life will be delivered and raised up from the dead! Many think that everything has been done at the Cross, when Jesus died.

However, here in Daniel, we find that it is when Satan sits down as the ruler on Earth, this is when God begins to act! God brings an end to Satan and his war against God and God's people. Satan has gone too far in fighting God and He will bring Satan to an end. In the Book of Job, we saw that Job was tested for a time, however when it was all over, God rewarded him. God set things right.

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In the last days, we will find that God's people will also be tested for a time, but when Satan steps over the line and sits down as God, then all evil will be brought to an end. It is at that time that the signs of God's wrath will be given unmixed with mercy. The plaques will be poured on the earth and God's people will be delivered.

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Jesus says that when you see the abomination of desolation, when you see Satan standing in the holy place, where he should not be, then you better flee somewhere! Apparently it is going to be so bad, that if this period was not shortened, no one on earth would be able to live through it. In the past, we have had nuclear bombs landing on a few cities and we have had wide spread wars. Who knows what might happen at this time of the end. Satan has lost the battle to get everyone to worship him, so now he is going to be desperately trying to take his rulership position by force.

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Since he is fighting against the Creator of all things he cannot win. Maybe much of Satan's actions is really due to revenge. At this time Psalms 91 will be a very good source of comfort to God's people since they know that God will protect His people in this time. Satan will eventually overstep his bounds when he tries to sit down as God. Then Michael will stand up and the court in Heaven will give every thing to Jesus. Once this happens, then Jesus comes back to our world to rescue His people. As we have seen, the Bible presents a unified view of the war between God and Satan.

It is when we start to study Daniel and especially Revelation that these things become evident. I see your point of issues raised in God's courts but I am confident that our mighty Lord Jesus settled all accounts at the cross.

Jesus said it is finished. Satan has power but he's not omnipresent omnipotent omniscience. He can only do what God allows. I have friends who I visited once we all went to school together so it was great to talk. They had a new son and they were having problems. At night, he would often wake up screaming from a bad dream. It seemed that he had these dreams often and they were concerned but they did not know what to do about it. I asked them if they asked God to protect their son from the attacks of evil angels, and they shook their heads no. For some reason, they never even thought of asking God for help.

I told them that if they did not pray for their son, that he would be open ground for the evil angels to attack him. The boy is too young to pray for himself, so it is the privilege and duty for the parents to pray for their children. They started praying for their son every night, and immediately, it all stopped. What a change! I think my friends gained a much deeper appreciation of the war that is going over us, but especially of the help and love that God has for each one of us. God is always willing and waiting for us to ask for help.

When we come to God, we place ourselves under His care and protection. There is nothing that Satan and his evil angels can do except what God allows them to do. Never forget that! In the story of Job, when Satan comes to the meeting, he accuses God of over stepping His bounds in protecting Job. In response, Jesus then tells him what He will allow him to do to Job.

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That is what happened both times they met. Satan can only do what God allows him to do. Yes, I agree with you that Jesus has all the power. The power that Satan has is what God allows him to have. No more than that.

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Boy are we blessed! However, Something else seems to be happening because Jesus does allow Satan to temp and harass Job in trying to destroy him. That seems clear.

Why does God allow Satan to try to destroy Job? Obviously, the war is still going on and Job's worship of God must be tested. So why does God still allow Satan to try to destroy us today?