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Long Ago Not So Far Away

Ronan carries the film with her understated performance. She subtly conveys emotions and thoughts with the merest tilt of her head, a widening or narrowing of her blue eyes, or merely by staring into the middle distance. This was true of her performances as a teenaged victim in The Lovely Bones and the sphinx-like young woman in The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Travelling memory of the Holocaust “Auschwitz: Not long ago. Not far away” – Observing Memories

Unworldliness is far more accurate. With her round blue eyes, pale pink cheeks, and a figure unaided by structured American undergarments, she has a sweet, unaffected allure.

The other players are also good. As Tony, Emory Cohen registers the urgent but gentlemanly persistence of a respectful man in love.

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George Lucas sold his franchise to Disney in for a modest four billion dollars. When he unexpectedly passed on directing the new installment, the House of Mickey chose the ubiquitous J. Abrams to replace him. Clearly, the Disney executives instructed J. All the iconic elements reappear, barely altered. The meteor-pitted space ships, including the venerable Millennium Falcon ; the white-armored imperial Stormtroopers, who are still unaccountably bad shots, making them easy pushovers for the ill-equipped Resistance; the bars featuring alien jazz musicians tootling away; a flabby, gelatinous reincarnation of the infamous Jabba the Hut; and so on.

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Alec Guinness is no longer with us, so Abrams made do with the year-old Max von Sydow. Well, I suppose plagiarism is the sincerest form of flattery. If the reaction of the audience at the showing I attended is any indication, it seems to have paid off. When Dazed and Confused became available on video, it was difficult to rent; every weirdo in Grand Forks evidently shared my worldview, because the VHS tape was always gone from Superstar Video.

It was several weeks before my friend Michael was finally able to find it, at a twenty-four-hour truck stop.

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The fashion seemed exaggerated. The hazing seemed implausible. The idea of teenagers in a car being shot at for wrecking a mailbox seemed ridiculous. It was entertaining, and I appreciated the fact that the word man was said times in casual conversation, but I had waited a year for this. The movie inside my brain was still better.

Auschwitz Is Not a Metaphor

Obviously, I have watched Dazed and Confused many, many times since that first afternoon, and it has improved with almost every viewing. It now seems like a completely different film. Dazed and Confused is not a movie about how things were; Dazed and Confused is a movie about how things are remembered.

No film has ever combined those three realities as adroitly as Dazed and Confused. Mythology requires repetition. I interviewed Linklater in , and we talked about how we all create our own nostalgia, usually without effort or intent. Toggle navigation. Not so long ago, and not so far away: Where is there room for oppressed people in fandom?

The word fandom has come to mean a group of people who share the common interest in a thing, and is often associated with comic books, science fiction and fantasy art. Keywords: academy ; comics ; disability ; diversity ; race ; science fiction ; working class Document Type: Research Article Publication date: March 1, More about this publication?

The multi — disciplinary nature of fan studies makes the development of a community of scholars sometimes difficult to achieve.