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What content could a theology of tenderness therefore have? Two seem important to me, and they are the other two ideas that I would like to offer you: the beauty of feeling that one is loved by God, and the beauty of feeling loved in the name of God. Feeling we are loved. It is a message that has come to us more strongly in recent times: from the Sacred Heart, from Merciful Jesus, from mercy as an essential property of the Trinity and of Christian life.

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Tenderness can indicate precisely our way of receiving divine mercy today. Tenderness reveals us, next to the paternal face, the maternal face of God, of a God Who loves mankind, Who loves us with a love infinitely greater than that which a mother has for her own son cf. Is Whatever happens, whatever we do, we are certain that God is near, compassionate, ready to be moved for us.

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In this sense, tenderness refers to the Passion. The Cross is in fact the seal of divine tenderness, which is drawn from the wounds of the Lord.

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His visible wounds are the windows that open onto His invisible love. His Passion invites us to transform our heart of stone into a heart of flesh, to become passionate about God. And about man, for the love of God.


Here then is the last idea: feeling we are able to love. Dying Changes Everything Well, maybe if you didn't chew men up like a meat grinder, they wouldn't be overseas looking for some tenderness.

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Fever, tenderness over McBurney's point. The wheels of fate turned and brought me to a perfect moment of tenderness and happiness. I had hoped denial would last longer as a coping mechanism, but breast tenderness and morning sickness made that impossible. He said with deepest tenderness , "Are you all right"?

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She said her prayers, her heart full of love and tenderness. Why all the fuss?

Your breasts are getting ready to become milking machines in just a few short months. In addition to that tender feeling, you'll likely notice a few changes in your breasts during pregnancy:.


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